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Changes to the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation

As part of the Energy Bills announcements earlier this week, the government outlined proposed changes to ECO, and announced that £540 million will be made available over the next three years to boost energy efficiency.

Changes to the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation


£450 million of the £540 million will be aimed at households and private landlords. Alongside this, the Green Deal is also being improved to make it more attractive for consumers and to remove unnecessary cost for companies.

Reforming Green Deal

In establishing Green Deal, we set the conditions to grow Britain’s energy efficiency market. It is still early days but activity so far shows a growing number of participants are keen to take advantage of this new market and consumers are being inspired to make their homes more efficient. Over 100,000 assessments have been undertaken since January, with our research suggesting they are being well received and action taken: over 80% of those households assessed have already improved or are taking active steps to improve their home’s energy efficiency. That’s an encouraging start. But new markets take time to establish and Green Deal is no different.

In these formative months for this new market we have worked closely with industry and listened to consumer groups and individual consumers. We have heard the many voices telling us the Green Deal needs to be simpler and more accessible to business and consumers alike.

So among this week's announcements are several proposals to streamline and improve Green Deal: we want to make it easier for businesses to enter this developing market and for consumers to act to make energy saving improvements to their properties. And we want to work with you to make that happen.

Source: The DECC Blog

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