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Save money with Heat Pump Sussex

Heat pumps can be up to 50% cheaper

Save up to 50% on heating your home and providing hot water by replacing your old oil boiler.

Save on annual fuel bills

No more oil boilers!

OHM Energy and Heat Pump Sussex have now enabled many people to come away from oil fired systems and heat their homes in a much more efficient and cheaper way. Heat your home, hot water and swimming pool AND save money!

Introducing heat pumps

Many people are unaware that there are any alternatives to oil fired or LPG fired boilers. With the extreme uncertainty of oil and fuel supplies this system allows you to run your heating and hot water at up to 50% less than your existing system, but have the security of getting your fuel from a heavily regulated and relatively more stable energy supplier.

Heat pumps work using electricity, their efficiency lies in the fact the you supply the unit with 1kW of electricity and it gives up to 3.6 kW of heat out.

Additional benefits of heat pump systems:

  • No more fuel deliveries, or storage tanks
  • Very little maintenance
  • A renewable technology
  • Up to 50% Cheaper to run
  • Modern, fully controlled system

A professionally designed / sized and installed heat pump system is the answer for many people, whether you home be a 600 year old farmhouse, through to a new build. Many people are really starting to look hard for alternatives to oil heating, with prices of oil and LPG fluctuating so heavily, would you want to put a new oil boiler in that you are then tied to for another 10 years.

With the largest oil refinery in the south east going into liquidation and the troubles in the Middle East, oil prices spiked to an all time high of 60p a litre - on average oil prices have risen by 50% in the last 2 years - time for a change?

In some cases the heat pump can simply be installed instead of an oil boiler - and in other cases a full heating upgrade and cylinder is required.

This technology has been used in Scandinavia, Canada and other parts of the world for many years- it is a more than proven technology.

Over 12 years experience of heat pump installation

We have over 12 years of installation experience using:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Danfoss
  • Daikin
  • Heat Star

As we are fully MCS accredited for the design and installation of both air source and ground source heat pumps, you will benefit from an £850 grant from the government - and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments as they are introduced.

Please ask about grants and funding, as there are a number of local authority and manufacturer schemes that you may also benefit from.

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