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Reducing consumer electricity bills

Heat Pump Case Study

Reduce electricity bills and heat swimming pool.

Reducing Electricity Bills


Waldron, Sussex


LED Halogen - Energy Saving bulbs 30kW Swimming pool Heat Pump 10kW Solar PV System.

Cost / Savings

Cost £36,000 - Saving/Income £7,031*
Payback time 5.6 years

This customer came to OHM Energy with an Electricity bill in excess of £14,000 a year

With the help and advice of the OHM Energy team, his annual electricity cost is on target to be less than half of this figure - we achieved this by installing:

  • 100 LED Halogen - Energy Saving bulbs (saving £1,755, per annum)
  • 30kW Swimming pool Heat Pump (saving £559 per annum - over LPG boiler)
  • 10kW Solar PV System

The family’s outdoor pool is now kept at 21 degrees for the whole season, and its not costing the Earth. Much of the electricity is being offset with the Solar PV and the lights are using 7 watts instead of 50 watts per unit.

Our electrical team also carried out the installation of a new fuse board, including a part re-wire.

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* Based on lifetime of system, assuming 10 years for Heat Pump and 25 years for Solar.

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