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Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation


Ringmer, Lewes, East Sussex


Replace existing Oil Boiler, but connect to existing radiator system. Install Daikin Altherma – High temperature Heat Pump System with 260Litre Cylinder, and updated heating system controls.


Cost £11,100 - Saving/Income £1,497* Payback time 7.4 years

The replacement of an oil-fired boiler system with a new energy efficient heat pump

We met this customer at one of our many shows that we attend and he was looking for a local experienced heat pump installer.

This customer had done his research and was already keen on the Daikin Altherma High Temperature heat pump system, as this is a well built quality unit. Another interesting reason for this choice was that the system has two compressors that mean the Heat Pump system can achieve temperatures almost as high as a conventional oil boiler. This was important to this customer as his insulation wasn’t as good as it could have been and he lived in an exposed location. He also wanted to keep his existing radiators – which needed a higher water temperature.

This job was a compromise between efficiency and what the customer wanted.

However the system has a built in weather compensator that measures the outside temperature and provides the radiators with different levels of heat dependant on how warm or cold it is. If it is mild outside the heat pump will only be asked to produce for example 38 degrees c if the temperature is cold outside it may be asked to produce anywhere up to 80 degrees c. This feature is used on most heat pumps and adds even more efficiency to the units.

You may also note that we are able to have the external unit powder coated during production to any colour desired. The customer opted for the unit to match his existing window frames, the unit itself blended extremely well with the building. The full extended 5 year warranty was not affected – this service was arranged by Heat Pump Sussex, who like to deliver that bit more.

So whatever you situation, be it 700 year old house, or new build, Oil boiler or LPG – if you are in Kent, Sussex or Surrey and want to be looked after by your local heat pump experts get in touch.

Useful information

At a COP of 3 the expected running costs would be: 11,455 kWh x 14p (cost for 1 unit of electricity) = £1,603.

The customer was spending approximately £3,100 per annum on oil.

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For further information on building energy efficient homes, call Heat Pump Sussex today on 01323 745 721 to get a no obligation consultation.

* A RHPP grant of £850 was taken at the time of installation, but our calculations do not yet include or consider the proposed RHI (renewable Heat Incentive payments). So even without these further payments the project was and is more than financially viable.

Heat Pump Sussex


Heat Pump Sussex and OHM Energy are proud to offer a full range of heat pump services, including installation, servicing and maintenance. All of our installation team are qualified City & Guilds Heat Meter Installers, as required by the Renewable Heat Incentive.

We are fully MCS accredited and we offer a complete installation service, from initial consultation through to aftercare.