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Last year the Danfoss Group celebrated 75 years of business. Danfoss are an international company who manufacture over 250,000 items every day.


Danfoss Heat Pump installation in the UK

At Danfoss Heat Pumps UK in Sheffield their highly trained staff offer an unrivalled knowledge and experience in air and ground source heat pumps from 6kW to 160kW and systems in excess of 250kW.

Danfoss Heat Pumps UK remain strong throughout the recession. A new manufacturing factory has recently opened to cope with increased demand across Europe. While other small companies struggle during these hard times, Danfoss is a name you know you can trust.

Valued experience in the heat pump market

With over 13 years experience in the heat pump industry, the staff at Danfoss Heat Pumps UK offer skills in air and ground source heat pump design, horizontal ground loop design, borehole dimensioning, installation and commissioning. From houses and flats to schools and universities.

A recent strategic decision within Danfoss Heat Pumps UK has been to appoint reliable trustworthy installers such as Heat Pump Sussex to continue and develop the Danfoss heat pump market in the UK.

This now means that customers can be looked after by Heat Pump Sussex offering both ground and air source heat pump installation and a full distribution system, radiators or underfloor.

How A Danfoss Heat Pump Works

How A Danfoss Heat Pump Works

1. Brine circulates in a collector coil and absorbs the heat energy from bedrock, ground, air or water.

2. At the heat exchanger (evaporator) the tepid brine in the collector coil meets the ice-cold refrigerant in the heat pump, which is then heated a few degrees and evaporates.

3. Then, a compressor compresses the refrigerant. The heat that is then generated is transferred via a heat exchanger (condenser) to the house's heating system.

4. The refrigerant circulates and an expansion valve lowers the pressure and the refrigerant becomes cold again. The process begins again when the refrigerant meets the tepid brine from the collector coil.

The government uses MCS as a measurement for which installations should be eligible for financial incentives. The Clean Energy Cashback scheme covers two incentives.

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Alternatively, feel free to visit their website at www.danfoss.com

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