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Ecodan can cut your heating bills and carbon emissions by half!


Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump Installer in Sussex and Kent

Mitsubishi electric's award-winning Ecodan is an air source heat pump that utilises renewable energy to save you money and cut your home's carbon emissions.

More efficient than oil-fired boilers

Traditional oil-fired boiler systems work by producing on-off bursts of heat to maintain the desired room temperature. Ecodan works much more efficiently by supplying hot water to the radiators at a lower, yet more constant temperature, giving you a more controlled level of warmth plus all the hot water you need.

Ecodan is designed to work at optimum efficiency whatever the weather. Able to work efficiently with outside temperatures even as low as -20°c.

Quick and easy to install, in any home, anywhere

Perfect for installation in rural areas where there is no gas, a typical installation takes less than two days. Many energy-concious homes across the UK are now switching to ecodan for the added comfort and efficiency it offers.

Ecodan is recognised as a renewable heating system that saves on running costs and reduces carbon emissions. Why not install Ecodan in your Sussex home?

Young family cut heating bill by £750 and enjoy a dream holiday

Having used inefficient storage heaters and an open fire to heat their 3 bed terraced home, this young family found themselves with a mounting heating debt and needed to find a much more efficient heating system. Switching to Ecodan was the perfect solution. Within 18 months their reduced heating bills enabled them to pay off their debt and fund a holiday to Spain into the bargain!

Prior to using Ecodan this family spent over £1,000 a year on electricity and solid fuel to heat their home. Now, their heating bill has been cut to £384 - saving more than £750 and reducing their carbon emissions by a massive 65%. This family are clearly delighted with their warm home and significant energy savings.

Find out more at domesticheating.mitsubishielectric.co.uk

Replacing oil with Ecodan cuts heating bills and carbon emissions by half

When replacing their oil-fired system two factors drove this family’s decision to use Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan - the environment and the economy. By switching to Ecodan, they cut their carbon emissions and annual fuel bill by half.

They considered other alternatives to heat their 200 year old home in an off-gas village, such as wood, solar power and biomass-based systems but these were deemed as too difficult to operate. Ecodan, however, made perfect financial and environmental sense. They now enjoy an even temperature throughout the home, with a much gentler heat and enough hot water for their two teenagers who live in the shower!

With many neighbours having to rely on increasingly expensive oil heating, a number are now looking to switch to the efficiency of Ecodan as well.

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