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Heat Pump Installation in Sussex

Expert heat pump installers handle the heat pump installation process from start to finish with the minimum of fuss

Here at Heat Pump Sussex we oversee the entire heat pump installation process from initial enquiry to completed installation.

OHM Energy being our installation partners pride themselves in having some of the most experienced engineers in the renewable and heat pump market, their engineers have been involved in some of the first installations of their kind in the country.

With new government incentives and local authority support increasing for heat pumps it is becoming more and more important for an advisory and consultancy body, like Heat Pump Sussex, to be involved - to ensure all available heat pump grants and funding is accessed and that all procedures and paperwork is done in a timely, efficient and correct manner.

Heat pump installation

Call 01323 745 721 to discuss your heat pump installation in Sussex and Kent using our approved heat pump installers in the Sussex area.

How The Heat Pump Installation Process Works

What is the process to see if your property/premises is suitable and will benefit from an Air source or ground source heat pump?

1. Suitability

We will remotely ask a number of targeted questions to assess if a heat pump installation is suitable, taking into account a number of factors such as; your expectations, budget and premises. This removes the need for any unnecessary visits. This can be done either by telephone or email, or at our offices.

2. Feasibility

As above we look to assess how feasible a heat pump will be, and whether an air source or ground source heat pump will be more viable. This part of the service includes a brief application and desktop study with the DNO - (Distribution Network Operator) - the company that look after the grid. To ensure there will be no disturbances on the grid and your power supply. At this stage we would also look to see if the heat pump installation benefits from permitted development or requires planning. This enables you to either proceed in an informed fashion, or dismiss the idea as not being feasible.

Heat pump installation

3. Design

Other than the heat pump installation itself this is the most crucial part of the process - this would involve a site visit, and in depth heat loss analysis. Complying with MCS and current regulations a full system is designed. This is an extremely time consuming part of the process. A full quote, including heat loss calculations, costs and saving analysis are produced and presented to the customer.

4. Heat Pump Installation

The team from OHM Energy are briefed and have generally been involved prior to this point - a pre heat pump installation meeting takes place to ensure all site specific information is shared. Timings etc are agreed with yourselves and the installation takes place.

5. Commissioning and Handover

Once the heat pump installation has taken place, the supervising electrician and heating engineer carry out the final testing and commissioning of the heat pump / electrical and heating system and complete all relevant warranties and applications as required. You are then taken through the control system, and set up procedure for the system - along with and complete handover of instructions etc. Heat Pump Sussex will then ensure the correct information is passed to the likes of the Energy Saving Trust, MCS, Gas Safe, Building control, DNO and the Local Authority.

6. Servicing and Aftercare

Our engineers then carryout annual inspections and servicing to ensure your heat pump system is working at its most efficient and is being well maintained to extend the lifetime of the system.

Further advice on heat pump installation

Heat Pump Sussex would be delighted to talk through the potential for heat pumps in your home. Call us today on 01323 745 721 for a free consultation.

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Book a free energy assessment with Heat Pump Sussex and OHM Energy and find out today how heat pumps in your home or business can save you money.



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